Your first stop to anywhere in Thailand. Hip café culture. Lip-smacking street food. JOSH hotel is your perfect crash pad in this vibrant city.


  1. Establish and maintain good communication and teamwork with fellow colleagues and other departments within the hotel
  2. Offer guests an enjoyable experience that conforms to the LINE’s standards of excellence, professionalism and friendliness
  3. Responsible for preparing his or her station before the start of each service
  4. Ensure all needed supplies for the shift are available, ready for use, pre-prepared, cleaned stocked per the chef’s standards
  5. Responsible for food prep, including chopping vegetables, butchering meat, and preparing sauces
  6. Prepare items for other stations or for special events as needed
  7. Work with other cooks to ensure that food is ready in a timely and orderly manner per the Chef’s standards
  8. Manage his or her station which includes par levels, quality control, managing line cooks accordingly, training line cooks to exceed expectations, and taking responsibility for all products on their station
  9. Clean his or her station and assist other cooks to clean their stations through the disposing of garbage, cleaning of utensils, pots, and pans, cooking surfaces, fryers and ovens
  10. Complies with established sanitation standards, personal hygiene and health standards
  11. Observes proper food preparation and handling techniques
  12. Stores food properly and safely, marking the date and item
  13. Take ownership of all service issues brought to your attention by guests
  14. Maintain an increased awareness of safety issues throughout the hotel
  15. Participate in scheduled departmental and administrative meetings as requested

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